Road Improvements on Applegate Ave

Greetings family,

I hope this message arrives to you in the best of health and spirit as we continue the much-needed improvements in our town.

As you may have noticed, several projects are ongoing in STR. The most recent and obvious one is the Applegate Ave road repair and improvement.

I appreciate the many compliments that we have received both via personal and public messaging. Notwithstanding the positive, we have received some criticism about the inconvenience these efforts may have caused.

At the outset, I must express my earnest regret for the inconvenience this road repair and improvement may have caused. We are fortunate that during the bulk of that project implementation virtually all of our children are in school expect when they are going to and fro.

Nevertheless, as Thomas has indicated, this repair on Applegate was just too long overdue. So, I strongly believe that the need to repair the deteriorating conditions of Applegate ave far outweighs the incidental inconvenience resulting.

Weather permitting, nonetheless, we expect this $220 thousand grant financed road repair and improvement to be completed by this Thursday the latest.

Please note that recently we have applied and received another DOT grant for $150 thousand for our next road repair project in STR. This time, it will be on Deauville and Charles Ave. in section 1.

We thank you STR for your patience and understanding as we are doing our best to improve this town one project at the time.

Be blessed! Have a good day!

Mayor Champagne

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