Courtesy of JCP&L

• Install a programmable thermostat, which automatically adjusts your

central air conditioner’s temperature settings, allowing you to save energy

while you’re away.

• Clean or replace central air conditioning filters as needed.

• Turn off your air conditioner when you leave for several hours. You will

use less energy to cool your home later.

• When using a room air conditioner, turn on an interior fan to circulate the

• Consider using an electric fan at night instead of an air conditioner. An

electric fan is less expensive to run – and to purchase.

• Move any furniture, draperies or other obstructions that may block the flow

of cool air from registers or room air conditioners.

• If you replace an appliance, consider getting an ENERGY STAR rated

• Clothes dryers, ovens and dishwashers produce a lot of heat. This can

make your air conditioner work harder, so use them in the early morning or

late evening, not in the afternoon.

• In the daytime, close window blinds and shades to block direct sunlight.

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