Section 1 & 3 Garbage Pick-up THIS FRIDAY

Due to the recent snowfall, Section 1 & 3 will have a Garbage pick-up this Friday, February 20.

Please find the normal pick-up schedule at this link.

If you need to find your District, they are organized as follows:


Ardmore Ave, Belmont Dr, Center Street, Charles Ave, Deauville Ave, Dover Rd (east of GSP), Edgemont Terrace, Flint Rd, Green Ridge Dr, Lakeview Dr, Magnolia Ave, Mil St, So. Main St, Red Maple Ct, Sudsbury Rd, Wiley Way, Worth St


Adelphi Rd, Albright Ave, Alfred Rd, Amherst Rd, Annapolis Ct, Annapolis Rd, Baylor St, Brandies Court, Citadel Ave, Citadel Ct, Colby St, Colgate Dr, Cornell Rd, Double Trouble Rd, Dover Rd (west of GSP), Fairway Dr,


Applegate AVe, Attison Ave, Chamberlain St, Dartmouth Dr, Dittmar Dr, DArake Lane, Drew Lane, Duke Drive, Easy St, Elm St, Hummel Dr, Long Dr,  Troll Ct

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