Bulk Pickup Letter From Mayor Cradle

Dear South Toms River Residents,

By now most of you should have received your recycling calendar for April and May. The recycling and trash pickup remains the same for all districts. There has been a change in the bulk pickup schedule and procedure. You will notice the back page of the calendar gives directions for the NEW bulk pickup schedule.

We realize the new procedure adds an additional step for the residents but we believe this will reduce the opportunity for those who abuse the bulk pick up service we offer and will make the process better for everyone.

The two main changes are: 1) We will have one bulk pickup per month, picking up all districts on the same day and 2) We are asking residents to contact the Borough Hall to schedule your pickups. By making these changes we are attempting to make the collection of our bulk more efficient, thus keeping our streets clean and using our tax dollars more efficiently.

The reason there are only two (2) months on the calendar is that we want to see how this new procedure works for the residents of our town. We will look at this schedule for April and May and see how it works.  We would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, regarding these changes.

In order to answer any questions residents may have regarding these changes or anything else they would like to get answers to I will be available at the Borough Hall every Tuesday evening for the next couple of months between 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Although I am not at the Borough Hall all day, If you need to talk during daytime hours call the Borough Hall and they will contact me.

Thank You,

Oscar Cradle

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