9/16 Yard Sale Digital Map

The South Toms River Borough Wide Yard Sale is this Saturday (Sunday Rain Date).

Here are the ways to access the list (and map) of homes participating in the Yard Sale:

1. Go to BoroughofSouthTomsRiver.com
2. Go to the Residents dropdown tab and the first tab is the Borough Wide Yard Sale.
3. The google map is on this page. Blue balloon markers show each house participating in the Yard Sale. Some homes will have a small description of the items being sold.

To access the map directly, follow this link:
Digital Map Link

If you still want to add your name to the yard sale list, please do so by 10pm tonight (Thursday 9/14/17).

We hope this map allows you to find each home quicker, and is helpful for both buyers and sellers! Since this is a new way to conduct yard sales, we would love your feedback at the end. Have fun, good luck, and make some great deals!

Safety Notice:
Please be sure to drive carefully. Do not use the Yard Sale List if you are driving, and obey all local laws.

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