Office of the Mayor

Oscar Cradle Sworn In Mayor - _DSC2263 660 72 WMOscar Cradle

Mayor, Reverend Oscar L. Cradle Sr. was elected  on November 4, 2014. His current term ends 12/31/2018.

Future projects in the Borough of South Toms River

The upcoming 2017 year has many upcoming improvements to the Borough of South Toms River.

All projects that were stalled in relation to the Transportation Trust Fund will be re-started in the spring of 2017. These roads include curbing and paving improvements to Adelphia, Albright and Fairway Avenue.

The Borough will be utilizing Community Development Block Grants (CDGB grants) to repave, install new curbing and stripping, and make walk-way improvements to Mathis Veterans Memorial Park.

The Borough will continue placing a pedestrian sidewalk and curbing all along Route 166. We will also provide better definition of ingress and egress (entry and exit ways) along the commercial section (strip-mall).

Current projects in the Borough of South Toms River


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