First Aid Squad 37

South Toms River Volunteer First Aid Squad 37

PO Box 57

Beachwood, NJ 08722

Station (732) 341-3339

2015 South Toms River EMS Officers-

President- Elaine Earle
Vice President- Christopher Applegate Jr.
Secretary- Crystal Lees
Treasurer- Joseph Russo Jr.
Trustees- Willis White, Robert L. Krohn, Pete Earle

370- Chief Robert M. Krohn
371- Deputy Chief Glenn Lees
372- Captain William Edwards
373- Lieutenant Brian Lanzim
374- Lieutenant Joseph Vanderveen

Appointments to be made at January Meeting-
Chaplain- Dr. Douglas Ripley
Engineer- Robert L. Krohn


Sign up for Vitalboards

South Toms River First Aid Squad 37 has an extremely valuable, FREE giveaway called Vitalboards. Vitalboards are 8-1/2” x 11” write-on/wipe-off magnetic memo boards with pen and clip that mounts to the refrigerator door. These boards are great for jotting down notes, shopping list items, important reminders, and also feature a simple weekly planner. On the reverse side there are areas to include vital health information for the homeowner(s), which can assist our staff and other first responders in emergency situations. An EMS decal is also included which we recommend citizens affix on or near the front door of their residence, which alerts to the presence of the Vitalboard.
Vitalboards are available at Borough Hall (144 Mill Street, South Toms River, NJ 08757) and the First Aid Building (401 Dover Rd., South Toms River, NJ 08757)
Please visit  for more information.
First Aid Squad at 732-341-3339

For donations to South Toms River First Aid and Rescue Squad visit them on

their website at or call 732-341-3339 for more information.

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